Scottish Agritourism Growth Tracker 2022


Welcome to the Scottish Agritourism Growth Tracker questionnaire.  

This growth tracker builds on the inaugural 2021 annual survey of farms, crofts and estates that helped demonstrate the size and scale of the agritourism sector in Scotland.

Collecting annual data on the number of businesses in the sector, visitor numbers and number of businesses who are considering agritourism will provide valuable data which will help shape future policy and support for the sector. It is therefore essential that as many farms, crofts and estates in Scotland take part. This data will show the impact that agritourism has on the Scottish economy and the role it plays in sustaining businesses and rural communities.


Data will be available to help local authorities across Scotland and economic development agencies shape support for agritourism. In order that we can have accurate regional data, if you have another agritourism or farming business in another local authority area of Scotland, please complete a separate survey for this area.


It will be useful to have access to business information such as your most recent accounts and visitor numbers as you complete the survey. The survey will not ask you for any personal or business contact details, therefore, please be assured that the data you provide will remain completely anonymous. The survey should take between 20-25 minutes. Results will be analysed and presented in aggregate.


The results will then be made available on and, and shared with government and other industry bodies. The more businesses that participate, the better the findings and the more informed we can all be.


This survey will also capture information on farm produce sold direct from the farm. Farm retail is a key part of consumers’ leisure experience and farm produce is considered an important part of a visitor’s stay or visit to a farm.  For the purposes of the survey, this is referred to as farm retail.  For the purposes of the survey, tourism/ leisure activities on a farm is referred to as agritourism.

The survey will close on Sunday 24th July 2022.

Thank you for your contribution.  

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